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 Post subject: News for 2014
PostPosted: Sat Jan 04, 2014 8:56 pm 
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Joined: Sun Dec 05, 2010 6:32 pm
Posts: 556
Location: Montreal, Canada

I was about to release a new alpha version (0.3), but decided to put it back. We added lots of stuff since 0.21 but I think we need to have more gameplay features, and needed fixes before we release 0.3. If you still want to use it there is a huge difference since 0.2 as theses are part of 0.3 that are already in the SVN development version:

- NEW:Possible to create cutscenes.
But the camera is static. the cutscene camera position and angle can be set via LUA.

- NEW: 3 camera mechanics can be selected to play.
RTS style(look at player), RPG style (follow player), and a static camera for creating cutscenes or other type of gameplay. The switch of camera style is also done in LUA.

- NEW: Assets are not longer loaded at startup.
This will make the application and games load faster and use less memory since they load only what is needed.

- NEW: Improved the XML template for creating "SETS" of object in the library.
This will allows users to create their own assets and separate them from the base sets of IRB and could allow to have tons of assets in the game. Each assets can have the credits (creator and informations about them)

- NEW: Improved the XML template for models to define MATERIALS.
Materials can be set in the XML to support most of the IRRLICHT shading types. Also support the TERRAIN shader and the water shader that can be assigned to a model material.

- NEW: Improved editing interface.
Objects can now be moved numerically. The interface has now "submodes" that could select, move, scale the object directly with icons and theses numeric panels. The mouse is still active and update the panels. SCALING information is now saved in the scene. When an object is walking the scale factor change the walk distance.

- NEW: A grid view is added with ability to snap to it.
This will allow for a greater precision when placing walls or other object on the ground. The view have interfaces to change the grid size, also the view type can be set to be orthographic.

- NEW: Added a new object type: TILES.
With this the user can create a map really quickly by placing created tiles of models that create the decors.

- IMPROVED: the collisions rays detection and now ray are more precise, allow the player and NPC to follow more accurately the landscape. We have also added a ray debugging tool inside the application and activated with keys to test the ray if the problem arise again. (Will allow to better report a problem with the ray with this)

- IMPROVED the RTS camera mechanic to have rotations be done faster and be more responsive.

- IMPROVED combat distance stop in melee combat.
This improve the combat as now NPC are trying to stop before getting too near of the player. Before they were doing attacks inside the player mesh very often.

What need to be done:

- Problems: Just found out with the help of a user of the forum (leebo) that some newer AMD RADEON cards are failing rendering of the shaders. Fixed some parts of it, but this also affect new stuff I wanted to add to the terrain. (Shadowing). Water is also not rendering at all on the theses cards because of the shader issues. The problem seem to be occuring because of the way the normals are transfered from the vertex -> pixel shader and have no solution for it. This need to be fixed or at least have a setting to set to a shader set that is compatible with theses cards. This is one of the reason 0.3 got delayed. EDIT: Tried it again with the latest drivers from AMD and seem ok now. So this seem to be directly related to the drivers.

- Need more assets for doing better demos of the capabilities of what IRB can do. The interior TILE set is basic now and would need to have interactive assets (like doors, moving fences, etc) so we could do a really nice demo with IRB.

- Need better demos
We need to create some better demos to show of what can IRB can do. The current demos showed about what could 0.1 and 0.2 could do. We can do much more now.

For 2014, I also decided to do less code and more game assets to IRB, so if there any that would like to join our team in theses areas are welcome to send us a email by going to our homepages.

Programming (C++, Irrlicht based):
- GUI coding
- Gameplay coding
- Shader and FX (glsl) coding
- Sound system coding
- Lua scripting

- Static assets like props, weapons, loot
- Terrain tiles for environments
- Characters

- Characters
- Animated FX

 Post subject: Re: News for 2014
PostPosted: Mon Jan 06, 2014 3:08 pm 
Regular user
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Joined: Tue Jun 26, 2012 1:46 pm
Posts: 190
Hi Christian.
Thanks for your work. I'm currently trying to create an animated character. I've got some tutorials to make this possible. I will use gimp and blender. I made an double-sword-equipped-character, that i want to use in IRB, too.
When i finished a model that looks okay, i'll publish it to the forum.
I'm looking forward to see the version 0.3 on the IRB-Page ;)

 Post subject: Re: News for 2014
PostPosted: Thu Mar 06, 2014 9:57 pm 
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Regular user
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Joined: Tue Feb 08, 2011 6:17 pm
Posts: 236
Been busy here on different fronts, but I saw your EDIT , about new driver from Amd fixing issues for this HD 7750 card(s), so I'll update to latest IRG and try again! ;)

EDIT EDIT: Ok it seems to be fine now, glad you were able to get past that, what a hassle that it prob. was the driver afterall, wow ;(

Cheers all ;)

Compassion matters in all things we do, so please consider loving your neighbor as yourself, and eating a Vegan diet ;)

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